About the Calculators

About the Calculators

PDRater.com is a free resource for California workers’ compensation professionals. PDRater.com provides a free suite of online tools for calculating many kinds of workers’ compensation benefits. This website offers the most comprehensive set of workers’ compensation calculators available anywhere on the internet.

Permanent Disability (PD) Calculator

PDRater.com offers free permanent disability and permanent impairment calculators for the 1997 permanent disability rating schedule and the 2005 permanent disability rating schedule. These calculators will allow you to quickly and efficiently analyze, interpret, and rate a medical-legal report. And, unlike our competitors, PDRater.com offers these calculators without charge.

1997 Permanent Disability Rating Schedule

These fully featured calculators will allow you to instantly perform complex multiple disabilities table (MDT) calculations for the 1997 permanent disability rating schedule. PDRater.com will allow you to search for the exact body part code and occupational code you need to ensure the most accurate and complete calculation every single time.

2005 Permanent Disability Rating Schedule

The combined values chart calculator will also quickly calculate combined impairments for 2005 permanent impairments. Just as with the 1997 permanent disability calculators, these calculators will help you find the proper body part code and occupational codes you need to accurately rate a medical-legal report.

Disability Benefits Calculator

PDRater.com also provides a wide range of California workers” compensation calculators besides just permanent disability. This site features:

  • Temporary total disability calculators for determining the proper rate given the date of injury and average weekly wage.
  • Temporary partial disability calculators for determining the proper rate given the date of injury, temporary total disability rate, average weekly wage, and partial earnings
  • Permanent total disability rates based upon the overall level of permanent partial disability and temporary total disability rates.
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