Why should your company sponsor PDRater users?

Brand this website today

Brand this website today

If you have received an automated message telling you that your client has requested your sponsorship, its because your client already uses PDRater but now wants all the benefits of the PDRater Premium services. helps your clients save time and money – and now you can help them too.1

When you sponsor an office through PDRater your company’s logo, image, and information is displayed to your clients whenever they visit this site.  Your clients and their staff will see a prominent banner advertisement, driving traffic back to your website.  PDRater is the most cost-effective solution to marketing to your clients every single day.

Hundreds of Applicant attorneys, hundreds of Defense attorney, and hundreds of claims offices throughout California use PDRater.  In fact, more professional raters, vocational experts, and doctors use PDRater than any other software, system, or website anywhere.  And, every single day these attorneys and claims offices print, e-mail, and distribute PDRater materials and calculations to each other and to other potential clients.

If you’re ready to offer your existing clients a cost-effective and convenient way to save time and money and improve their practice, while attracting new clients e-mail me right now.  There are no start-up fees or long term commitments.  Your clients could be seeing your company’s name on this website in less than 24 hours, so e-mail or call now.

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