Looking for a few good testers

A new kind of COLA

A new kind of COLA

I’m getting ready to launch a new workers’ compensation calculator and I could use your help. 1 I still need a few volunteers to help me test a permanent disability, life pension, and total permanent disability COLA commutation calculator.  Right now I need a few applicant attorneys, defense attorneys, and claims examiners.

Here’s what you need:

  • Any free or paid PDRater account
  • A familiarity with DEU COLA commutations
  • A familiarity with recent Baker decision
  • A willingness to answer a few questions

If this sounds like something you would be interested in helping with, please send me an e-mail!


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How To Find the Owner of a Lost Tablet Computer

Easily replaceable tablets

Easily replaceable tablets

A few weeks ago I was at the Oakland WCAB when a Judge asked me if I could help find the owner of a lost tablet computer. 1  I was handed the tablet… but was unable to turn it on.  It turned out that the computer had been turned on and the battery drained down to nothing.  There was no charge cable, no standard USB charging port, no way to power the device, and nothing about it that apparently indicated the identity of its owner.

Here’s what I tried:

  • I looked all over the tablet and inside the case.  Any mobile PC you own should have something identifying it.
  • I looked all over the tablet for a way to possibly charge the device.  Even had I been able to do this, I probably wouldn’t be able to get past the unlock/password screen.
  • The vast majority of 3G/4G mobile broadband computers will have a little tiny “SIM” card in it.  It is a tiny chip about a quarter of the size of a standard SD card.  In some devices you have to open the battery compartment to get to it.  If you can remove the chip you can find out who the broadband carrier is.  In this case the chip had the Verizon name and logo as well as a 10 digit number printed right on it.  It’s that number that lets the tablet PC’s user connect their computer to their Verizon account.  I then called Verizon, spoke to one of their representatives, told them the 10 digit code, gave them my cell number, and about fifteen minutes later the owner of the PC (a friend of mine as it turned out!) called me up!

So, the moral of the story is to make sure you put something on your mobile PC to indicate your ownership so that if someone finds it, they can let you.

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Applicant Attorney Pro Tip: Four ways to get paid sooner

Let's see... "TAX+" or "TAX-"

Let's see... "TAX+" or "TAX-"

Here’s a pro-tip for you Applicant attorneys.  Some insurance companies and TPA’s are actually unable to issue payments to entities unless they have their Tax ID number.  Making it easy for defendants to issue payment means you’ll get paid sooner.1

Here are the top three ways to get paid sooner:

  • Put your Tax ID number on the settlement documents
  • Put your Tax ID number on your website
  • Make sure your receptionist has your Tax ID number ready to give out
  • Put your Tax ID number in your automated voice mail message
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Mo’ Reptiles, Mo’ Problems

Talk to your doctor about how you can save 15% or more on your reptile dysfunction medication

Talk to your doctor about how you can save 15% or more on your reptile dysfunction medication

A friend of mine is an Applicant’s attorney who uses dictation software with his work computer. 1 As you may know, dictation and voice recognition software is pretty good – but it is not always successful.  My friend, I’ll call him “Tom,”2 was sending an e-mail demand for medication to a defense attorney using his dictation software.  The software got the phrase wrong, but given that the result was extremely entertaining, he sent it anyway.

What was his demand, you may ask?

Medication for his client’s “reptile dysfunction.” 3

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  2. After all, that is his name… []
  3. Other possible names for this post:

    • I got 99 problems, and a reptile ain’t one
    • Reptile problems
    • What do Bob Dole and the Geiko gekko have in common? []
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Lots of updates!

Finally!  An up date!

Look up! Dates!

A few weeks ago I e-mailed an Applicant attorney friend of mine1 and got back a one word response.  I jokingly chided him for being so chatty.  His response was thus:

No new blog = minimal response

Well, for Z and everyone else out there, here’s a new blog post!2  Over the weekend I updated several aspects of the website. 3  Here’s a short summary:

  1. Updated MPN / Medical Provider Lists.  I’ve added a lot more MPN names, links, and passwords.  If you have some new ones, please send them over.  I’ve also improved the link structure to help prevent broken links.
  2. Updated workers’ compensation calculators.  I’ve added a few small features that should make the calculators work a little better.
  3. Improved site speed.  I’ve added a little extra website-internet-magic-mojo that should improve the entire site’s performance.
  4. Something new!  I’m working on a brand new calculator.  If you like playing with calculators, kicking-tires, and dishing out criticism, drop me a line and ask to be a beta tester.
  5. Finally, if you see any weirdness over the next few days, please drop me a line and let me know so I can take care of it!

But, enough about me!  How are you?

  1. I’ll call him “Z.” []
  2. There are two kinds of blog posts I really hate to read.  Blog posts that apologize for infrequent posting and blog posts that talk about the frequency of blog posts. []
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