Workers’ Compensation Rate Hearing Live Broadcast

Workers Compensation Rate Hearing

Do you need protection from the Workers' Compensation Rate Hearing?

Workers’ Comp Executive will be providing a live steaming broadcast of the Workers’ Compensation rate hearings taking place in Sacramento on June 8th, 2009.

Now, don’t mind that funny looking guy yammering on about CompLine. [1][2] He’ll be replaced with a live streaming broadcast of the rate hearings come Monday afternoon at 12:45pm.[3]

Will the rates go up?  Will they go down?  Who knows!

  1. I must accept cookie you say?  Twist my rubber arm!  It’s like Friday in Judge Succa’s hearing room! []
  2. CompLine is an “experience mod” tool for insurance professionals. []
  3. Photo courtesy of jspace3 []

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