DVICA 2008 Golf Tournament Results

Tiffany, Steve and Unknown at the DVICA Golf Classic 2008

Tiffany, Steve and Unknown at the DVICA Golf Classic 2008

I posted last week about how I learned a lot about golf at the recent DVICA golf tournament. Thankfully I remembered to bring my digital camera to commemorate the event.

A belated congratulations to Tom Biskobing, Joe Domingo, Ray Hoang, and Thomas Kim for winning the tourney with an impressive 53!

Jeff, Chris, Steve, and I managed a 65. That isn’t to say we didn’t walk away with a few souvenirs. Each one of us won a raffle prize! Jeff won a bottle of Coppala wine, Chris a magnetic white board in the shape of a surf board, and Steve got a bluetooth headset!

I received a $100 gift card to Nordstrom’s courtesy of Jeff Gary of

Jeff and Keith at the DVICA Golf Classic 2008

Jeff and Keith at the DVICA Golf Classic 2008

While I was slightly less than diligent about taking pictures at the tourney, I did get two good pics. The top photo would have included me between the two blonds except that Steve’s photography kung fu is weak. (Sorry, man, but its true!) I think he was faking just so he could get his picture taken.

Not convinced? Well, here’s his photo of me with the same girls:

Steve's Photography Kung Fu

Weak Photo Kung Fu


DVICA’s 21st Annual Golf Classic!

I’ll be at the DVICA 21st Annual Golf Classic tomorrow!

Look for the guy wearing glasses and a Sebastiani cap. Unfortunately, unlike my fellow Indians, I can’t play golf. Its really quite shameful. (Sorry guys!) Fortunately I make up in enthusiasm what I lack in skill. :)

Hopefully I’ll remember to bring my digital camera so I can post a few shots here.

Be sure to track me down and say hello!


Close but no cigar

So, it looks like the only phone thus far that can use these calculators is… the iPhone. Don’t blame me – blame every other cell phone maker out there. I played with an LG Dare again a few days ago and was disappointed with its web browser this time.

I’m sure its a great phone. But, let’s be real, that’s not good enough any more.


  • Touch screen
  • Virtual QWERTY keyboard
  • A screen that rotates when you tilt the camera
  • MP3 player
  • Digital camera, video camera
  • Removable memory chip
  • 500 contact with up to 5 phone numbers each
  • A web browser that will support AJAX and XMLHttpRequest
  • Decent support of cascading stylesheets


  • Imperfect support of javascript
  • No support of cookies/sessions

What does this mean for you? You can go to my site, but you can’t log in. If you can’t log in, you can’t use the calculators. :/

As a side note, just about every Verizon rep I’ve talked to pushes this phone’s 500 person contact list. My question, “How much memory does the phone have?” Their response: “It has 5 phone numbers per contact? Wow. That’s a lot. I didn’t know that.” Riiight – you didn’t know? Why have I heard that exact line from three separate reps? I don’t have 500 contacts. I don’t even know 500 people.

Verdict: It may be a good phone, but you won’t be able to use my calculators from it.

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