Warning Will Robinson!

Warning! Technobabble! Warning! Permanent brain damage could result! If you’re not into technobabble, please just skip this post.

In order to put up the Articles page, I had to modify the WordPress theme I’m using. The WordPress Themer Kit is a really really great tool for the design-challenged.[1][2]

You don’t have to have any special design skill, just the ability to tinker with cascading style sheets.[3]

Melty calculators

Melty calculators

Up until now, I’ve tried to keep the theme modifications to a minimum. I’ve done this before – such as to add the nifty little rounded corners to the tops and bottom of each page. One little error and your entire blog looks like alphabet soup or, worse, a Dali painting.

Don’t get me wrong – I like Dali. I just think my calculators would be more difficult to use if they went all melty. P.S. Don’t leave your website calculators out in the sun.

  1. I think the bald guy is going to win. []
  2. My wife watches the show. Sounds like a lame disclaimer, I know. []
  3. I warned you! Didn’t I warn you about the technobabble!?! []

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