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Yesterday from about noon to 4pm the server which hosts this website (and many others) was down.  This unfortunately lead to an interruption for which I apologize.1  During this time I was unable to send/receive emails and the website was unavailable.

The hosting company I use is very good.  When there’s been downtime it normally occurs during non-peak hours and is very short in duration.  This was an anomaly.

Anyhow, everything is back on line and open for business.

  1. Photo courtesy of mhuang []

Laptop Woes – Part Deux

Technical Difficulties

Technical Difficulties

A little over a month ago my laptop died.  I took it to a shop in Contra Costa County named, “Paramount Technologies” who were able to fix up my laptop in record time1  Apparently, the problem was the video chip which had loosened from the motherboard over time (probably through overuse).

Friday evening my laptop died all over again.  At least it was peaceful.  I put my laptop to sleep and it didn’t wake up again.

Its still under a repair warranty from Paramount Technologies, so I’ll take it back to them.  It has the same symptoms, so I hope its the same problem.  Even if it weren’t under warranty, my formula for determining whether I should invest in repairing or buying a new computer still dictates that I should probably repair.

No matter.  Be of good cheer: these troubles will have absolutely no effect on this website.  :)

  1. Estimate: 3 days.  Repair time: 3 hours.  Now, that’s what I call service. []

Technical Difficulties

Panic ensued at 9pm on August 27, 2008.  My website was down after it had been operational all day.  For some reason, my e-mail accounts were not working either.  I hadn’t touched any settings whatsoever.  All the files on the server were fine – the server just wasn’t sending information.  An hour later the website problem resolved all by itself.

My e-mail is still down, but at least the website is back up.

Technical Difficulties

Update: E-mails back too!  Yay!

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