How to find a single rich man in Stanislaus County

Single Rich Man
A Handsome Single Rich Man

A few weeks ago I stopped by a friend’s office on the way back from an appearance.  On the way over I called ahead to see if there’s anything I can bring with me.

Her response?  “A handsome single rich man.”  Then someone in the background piped up, “And cookies!”

“I’m 75 miles and more than an hour away, but I’ll see what I can do.”

On the way over I called up another friend who performed one internet search and placed one phone call for me.  (Thanks Ray!)  I showed up at my friend’s office with cookies and a bunch of the nearest bakery’s richest chocolate brownies with men drawn on them.

They way I figure, if the guy is rich enough he doesn’t have to be that handsome.  Amiright, ladies?

Priceless moment from my visit:

Someone, holding up a brownie, asked me if the men I brought will make a huge mess in her house like the one she already has.  I point out that the ones I brought only have a life span of about 5 minutes and shouldn’t be too much trouble.

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