Road Warrior Checklist – Techie

Nerdy Road Warrior
Nerdy Road Warrior

In an earlier post I gave my “my road warrior checklist for the car.”  Within the last year I occasionally worked as computer tech support and/or mobile techie.

Sometimes I was on location fixing a problem, writing a database program, or doing a small bit of programming on a friend’s larger program.  I enjoyed being a techie, but wouldn’t want to do it for a living.

When I’m a road warrior techie, here’s what I carry with me:

  • Laptop backpack
  • Laptop, extra battery, power cord
  • Portable hard drive, 120 GB (Actually a laptop hard drive in an enclosure)
  • Flash drives (4G, 128meg)
  • CDRW – rewriteable CD’s
  • DVD-RW – rewriteable DVD’s
  • USB hub, 3 ports
  • USB cable, A to B
  • USB cable, A to mini
  • Ethernet cable, 6′
  • Phone cord, 6′

If I had to keep a techi backpack stocked, here’s what else I’d put in it:

  • Zip ties, twist ties, and/or velcro ties
  • Labels
  • Small screwdriver set

What do you take with you?

Update: A (techie) friend suggested the following additions, trunk space permitting:

  • Ethernet cable, wire crimpers
  • Ethernet hub
  • Installation CD’s

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3 Comments on “Road Warrior Checklist – Techie

  1. Jay, have you found a truly portable and COMPACT printer that you can take anywhere to print? the last one i saw was an HP but is is about the size of four stacked paperback books and i am kinda looking for on that is slimmer, like a carton of cigarretes.

  2. Zeke, I have not personally found one – but a good friend of mine has one that she takes with her everywhere. I’ll find out and let you know. My recollection is that it was in the range of paperbacks rather than cigarettes. – Jay

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