Virtual Real Estate – Part I – Obvious Benefits

Virtual Realty (get it?)

Virtual Realty (get it?)

I purchased my first domain name and web space in August of 2007.  Since that time I’ve probably purchased about a dozen more domain names.  There are some fairly obvious benefits to owning your own domain name and web space.1

Virtual Real Estate – Part I – Obvious Benefits

  1. Your own website! Admittedly, there are a lot of ways to get a website for free, but there are always tradeoffs (pop-up ads, no creative control, ads inside your pages).
  2. Accountability. When you own your own webspace, your web host is responsible for taking care of problems when things go wrong.
  3. More features. When you’re paying for your own webspace, you can set up your own MySQL databases, install programs like WordPress, set up an FTP account, etc.
  4. Custom e-mail addresses. Always wanted “”?  Good news!
  5. Hopeless customizerI’ve already confessed my need to customize just about everything.  Being able to tinker with every little setting on a web server is a customizer’s dream.

Next in this series: Part II – Less Obvious Benefits

  1. Its more like leasing, but whatever. []

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  • […] months ago listed several obvious and non-obvious benefits to owning your own domain name. [1]  One of the less than obvious […]

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