Go vote today.  No matter how you vote you’ll be part of history.  And, if you don’t vote, you’ll have no right to complain.

Random voting tidbits:

  • I heard on NPR last night that California does not honor the postmark on an absentee ballot.  If you  you haven’t mailed in your absentee ballot yet, it will not be accepted with today’s postmark.  You will need to call or go to a voting precinct to drop off your vote in person.
  • Also per NPR if you’re not in line when the voting precinct says its 8:00PM, you’re out of luck.  Be in line well before 8:00PM to make sure you are allowed to vote.
  • I have a distrust of voting machines given what we’ve been hearing about all of the voting machine malfunctions and vote-switching going on in the East coast.  Once you’ve made all your selections, double check your answers to make sure the machine got them right.  If your ballot machine has a paper-ticket, make sure that matches the electronic screen.  Someone I know recommended putting your driver’s license on the voting machine itself and taking a picture of your vote with a camera or camera phone.


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