Cheap Online Glasses – Received!

Glasses, online
Glasses, online

As I mentioned about two weeks ago, I had ordered some glasses online through two different retailers.  1 At an average of $20.00 a pair, it was hard not to get carried away.

One pair of glasses had “polychromatic” lenses and cost about $35.00.  The other three pairs included a regular pair of glasses, a pair of tinted glasses for use as sunglasses, and a funky pair since they were totally free free (complete with frames and prescription lenses!?!?!)

I ordered from two different retailers because (1) $35.00 for those “transition” lenses aka “polychromatic” lenses was too good to pass up and (2) so I could compare the customer service and quality of the two companies.

Service through one company was a little better than the other.  However, I’m not qualified to judge quality.  Although I’m very happy with the look of these frames and lenses, I’d feel a lot better if I took them to my optomologist to be sure.

That said, I’m going to postpone an in-depth review until I see my eye-doc.  When I post the review I’ll include a few tips for ordering glasses online.2

  1. Photo courtesy of Morningstar Lee []
  2. You know, from my vast experience. []

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