Calculator Useability Update

Re-ordering can be good!
Re-ordering can be good!

You may have noticed a few cosmetic changes in the look of the workers’ compensation calculators1 It turns out that some of the calculators are getting a LOT more use than others.

  1. In order to make them a easier to use, I’ve re-ordered all of the calculators in rough order of popularity. 2 Hopefully you’ll find this helpful.  Eventually I plan to separate out all of the EAMS related search functions from the actual benefits calculators.
  2. I’ve found that when you click to expand a calculators it would cause the entire page to scroll to the top.  I’ve fixed this.

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  1. Photo courtesy of Sock Monkey Photography []
  2. This change only affects the order in which you see the calculators and has nothing to do with how they work. []

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