California Organic Eggs Recall

When Eggs Go Bad
When Eggs Go Bad

This weekend I learned that there had been a recall of organic brown eggs produced at en Dulk Poultry Farms in Ripon, California and distributed through Safeway, Pak n’ Save, and CostCo. 1  Although no illnesses have been reported, they are initiating this recall admist concerns about Salmonella.

Here’s how to check if you have these recalled eggs:

  • You have “Kirkland Organic Brown Eggs” from CostCo in the 18-count cartons.  It will have either of the expiration and plant codes:
    • April 1 062, 35 P1776
    • April 8 069, 35 P1776
  • You have “O Organic Grade A Large Brown Eggs” from Safeway and Pack n’ Save in the 12-count cartons with the expiration and plant code:
    • April 1 062, 35 P1776

I’m glad I checked:  I had the 12 count container of recalled eggs from Safeway in my fridge.  More details about the egg recall can be found in the article from the San Jose Mercury News.

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