One cookie, three fortunes! That’s good luck, right?

Remember: Not all fortunes are fortunate!

Remember: Not all fortunes are fortunate!

I got Chinese take-out on Saturday night. I know I had promised a review of online glasses retailers, but I just had to share this with you.  Tune in tomorrow for the review and the day after for the review.  My fortune cookie had three fortunes in it! 1 I typically consider this lucky.  Saturday… not so much.

Fortune: Your magnetic personality will draw people to you this month

Saturday night was February 28th, as in the end of the month.  I didn’t notice anyone drawn to me. 2

Fortune: Your financial situation will soon be improving

Soon is relative, so I guess this could still come true.

Fortune: Sonn a visitor shall delight you

This one undoubtedly came true.  In the wee hours of Sunday morning an unexpected visitor presented themselves.  My typically delightful moo shu paid me a visit in the form of food poisoning.

Anyone interested in some Chinese take-out leftovers?

  1. Original photo courtesy of TheTruthAbout.  Photo editing – all me! []
  2. You know – any more than usual. []


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