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Glasses, online
Glasses, online!

I recently ordered three pairs of glasses from and one pair from  Last Wednesday I had my doctor check all four pairs.  Read on for the details!

I chose to try because an NPR commenter had a good review for them, they seemed to have good online reviews, had a very good website, and their prices for polychromatic glasses were fantastic.  UPDATE 3/10/09: Updated review here!

Review of

  1. Website. lets you upload a photo of yourself and try on a virtual pair of glasses.  I didn’t try this feature, but I suppose it might be useful to some.  They also have the option of spinning a virtual version of each pair of glasses.  It was fairly easy to navigate their website and place the order.  One useful feature is that their website allows you to save your prescription so you don’t have to re-enter it.
  2. Selection. There were easily several hundred frames from which to choose.  They have every imaginable style and variation.  They also have a wide range of lens options: clear, tinted, polychromatic / transition lenses, and super thin materials.
  3. Price. has free shipping.  Most of the frames are about $12.99.
  4. Frame Quality. The pair I bought fit with minimal adjusting of the nose pads and behind the ears.
  5. Lens Quality. For some reason the glasses from just didn’t seem right.  They took me several minutes to adjust to and still continued to bother me in a subtle way I couldn’t quite understand.  I took this pair to my eye doctor who told me that this pair had a lower “Base Curvature” than the pairs from   Apparently, some people are just more sensitive to variations in “Base Curvature.”
  6. Shipping. Two weeks, just about on the button.  Shipping was free.
  7. Customer Service. After trying out these frames for a week I e-mailed to let them know I was having problems with the glasses and that I was going to take them to my doctor to be examined.  The responded immediately asking me to let them know what my doctor had to say.  I e-mailed them right when I came back to let them know the “base curvature” was off.  The e-mailed me back almost immediately giving me a coupon code for $35.99 off another pair.  The bottom line is that they responded to me nearly instantly and have gone out of their way to make me happy.  I’m not interested in a refund, just a pair of glasses for a reasonable price.  I feel like has certainly earned by business.
  8. Extras. Each pair comes with its own free case, eyeglass cloth, and replacement nose pads and screws.  Shipping was free.

Verdict: I would use again and recommend them to a friend.  When placing your order, use the coupon code, “glassyeyes” for 5% off.

UPDATE 3/10/09: Updated review here!

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