Flashback to the 90’s

Pirate Radio!
Pirate Radio!

Last week while in Stockton I heard on NPR that a local station was switching to an “all ’90’s” format.  I hoped against hope that it was not KWOD 106.5.

However, on the drive home yesterday I was flipping around the dial and caught FM 106.5 from Sacramento.  I grew up in Sacramento and have fond memories of this particular station.

  • I remember the time a rival station, 102.5, was playing rap and hip hop and alternarock.  At about the same time 102.5’s format went more towards the rap and hip hop while KWOD 106.5 went towards the grundge and alterna-rock scene.
  • I remember a DJ on 106.5 who decided to play the entirety of U2‘s (then) newest album “Achtung Baby” start to finish without interruption at midnight the day that it was supposed to be released.  He was doing this because for some reason the release date had been delayed a few days.  I sat next to my stereo1 with a blank cassette so I could tape the entire album.  That album was released on November 19, 1991. 2  This album was also one of the first prerecorded cassette tapes I ever owned. 34
  • I remember feeling a little sad and nostalgic when the morning duo5 jumped to another station, 100.5.
  • I was listening to KWOD 106.5 when I learned that Kurt Cobain had committed suicide.

Anyhow, KWOD 106.5 just became “The BUZZ.”  I listened to it for about five minutes this evening and shut it off.  BuzzKILL is more like it. 6 7

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  3. So much for the RIAA and music piracy, eh? []
  4. Photo courtesy of id-iom []
  5. Shawn & Jeff in the Morning []
  6. I sound like my dad. []
  7. Sorry Dad! []

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