Goggles4U Coupon Code for 20% Off!

Glasses, online
Glasses, online!

A few months ago I ordered glasses online from Goggles4U.com and GlobalEyeGlasses.  (Click those links to go to my full reviews of each website).  The quality of the glasses was excellent and I paid about $80.00 for four pairs.1 At those prices its like they were paying me to take the glasses off their hands.2

I just received a coupon code from Goggles4U for 20% off an order.  The Goggles4U.com coupon code is: “glasses20″

Before you order glasses online, you should really take a look at my post about how to order glasses online in 5 easy steps. It even includes a chart for you to print out and take with you to your eye doctor! 3

  1. Including one pair of sunglasses and one pair of transition lenses []
  2. Photo courtesy of Morningstar Lee []
  3. Just another way I try to make your life easier… []

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