Verify!® Social Security Number Validator

Social Security Number Validator powered by Verify!
Social Security Number Validator powered by Verify!(R)

As promised!  A new calculator!

Well, check out my new social security number online search tool, powered by  It has some pretty cool features.  You can Verify!®:

  • whether a social security number is in a valid format
  • what year a social security number was issued
  • in what state the social security number was issued
  • whether the person to whom the social security number has passed away

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2 Comments on “Verify!® Social Security Number Validator

  1. How do I know that entering the SSI number on your website is secure? You don’t have that little lock logo and theoretically it could be picked up by keylogger virus or be sent to the infinite web to a place never intended.

  2. Zeke,

    This is an excellent question and one that deserves a candid response. The social security number search through my site is not secure. There is not a secure connection from my site to the Verify server or back again.

    However, I would suggest that the social security number by itself is meaningless and useless unless it is accompanied by a name, date of birth, or some other identifying information. And as you can see from the form on my site, submitting this information isn’t even an option.

    Keyloggers and viruses are something that would exist on your computer and would be able to steal your information as you type whether or not these calculators and search engines were secure. As for the information being sent to a place never intended – I suppose it is theoretically possible.

    Thank you for your insightful questions.

    Jay Shergill

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