SCAM ALERT: Antivirus Pro 2010

Antivirus Pro 2010 SCAM
Antivirus Pro 2010 SCAM

My father in law’s laptop is infected with a very nasty program called “Antivirus Pro 2010.”  It disables a bunch of core Windows functions, messes with other programs, shuts down the computer randomly, tells you the computer has a virus (which is technically true), and then offers to help you out for $40.00.  In reality, this program is itself malware/spyware etc.

The problem is that it really looks like its an official MicroSoft or Windows program! 1

After several attempts and trying to use numerous different programs, I’ve been unsuccessful in deleting it.  It installs pieces of itself all over the computer – and if you don’t delete each piece it will install the entire thing all over again.  The various recommendations I’ve seen on the internet have been ineffectual.

If When I finally remove it, I’ll post the information here.

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