Duncan v. WCAB – summarized

Mini version of Duncan v. WCAB
Mini version of Duncan v. WCAB

In the spirit of my recent post summing up Ogilvie II and Almaraz/Guzman II in just three sentences each, I bring you a summary of the recent Duncan v. WCAB decision in just one sentence:1

The COLAs found in section 4659, subdivision (c) should be applied to life pensions or total permanent disability compensation as from January 1, 2004.2

Yes, that’s really it.  The Duncan decision consists mostly of background and discussion.  The actual decision is basically that one line above.

Come back tomorrow for more information about SAWW increases, COLA calculations, and more!

(Don’t forget to download a copy of Duncan v. WCAB here!)

  1. Photo courtesy of MarkAllanson []
  2. Duncan v. WCAB, page 18. []

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