SAWW increases for 2004-2010

Putting some teeth in the SAWW

Putting some teeth in the SAWW

We’ve all seen charts with the State Average Weekly Wage (“SAWW”) increases printed on them.1 But, how useful are these when you’re dealing with an opposing counsel who won’t accept your chart or calculations based on that chart?

It sure would be nice to have all the SAWW information from the Division of Workers’ Compensation all in once place.  Well, it just so happens I’ve already done this for you.

Here is a copy of every DWC Newsline from 2003 through 2009 with information on every SAWW increase from 2004 through 2010, all ready to go in one handy-dandy PDF.

[Download not found]

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More on Duncan v. WCAB, COLA’s, and SAWW increases tomorrow!

(Don’t forget to download a copy of Duncan v. WCAB here!)

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