New Calculator! COLA SAWW Commutation Reports

Don't calculate COLA's the hard way!
Don't calculate COLA's the hard way!

I’m happy to announce the single most-requested service for this website – a COLA SAWW commutation reports1 This calculator provides professional quality PDF’s using the same familiar format as the Disability Evaluation Unit.  Now you don’t have to wait for the DEU and you don’t have to tip your hand to the opposing side about what you think the case might be worth.

Download a sample report right now to see the kind of detailed commutation reports that get cases resolved.  These COLA commutation reports are delivered instantly to your e-mail.  You can customize the report with everything you want – from a State Average Weekly Wage increase percentage of your choosing, to attorney fee percentage, and whether a Labor Code Section 4658(d) increase is applicable.

And, best of all, when you purchase one of these reports for $197.00 ($147.00 for PDRater sponsored users!) it comes with unlimited FREE additional reports on the same case.  (Don’t worry – it doesn’t cost anything to play with the calculator). Whether you need to change the permanent disability rate, SAWW increase percentage, or just want a fresh report with a new commutation date – every single report on the same case will be delivered to you instantly and for free.

Here’s an example of how quickly you can a COLA SAWW commutation report on your case right now:

Try out the COLA SAWW commutation calculator out for yourself!

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