TTD Rates Unchanged for 2022


Per today’s DWC Newsline, the maximum and minimum rates for total temporary disability in 2022 will remain unchanged from 2021 rates. This also means the rates for death benefits, life pension, and permanent total disability won’t be changing either.

Since these benefit rate changes are derived from the year over year increases in California’s state average weekly wage, it’s little wonder the state average weekly wage went down, instead of up for the first time in many years. Astute readers might wonder why the temporary disability and associated benefit rates aren’t going down next year – since the state average weekly wage did. The way these statutes were drafted, only the yearly increases in state average weekly wage are used for adjusting the benefit rates.

Don’t tell Lexis, but this is going to make my work updating the charts for the Labor Code book slightly easier.

Photo courtesy of Paul Sableman

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