Free pass
Free pass

Yesterday I had an appearance in San Jose and then another up in San Rafael.  From San Jose I drove up through San Francisco, northbound over the Golden Gate Bridge, to my appearance, then back over to Contra Costa County via the Richmond Bridge.1

Wait for it…

The Golden Gate is only toll southbound and the Richmond is only toll westbound.  I traveled over two bridges and didn’t pay a single toll!

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Twas the night before Christmas... and the check still had not arrived...
T'was the night before Christmas... and the check still had not arrived.

I was waiting on two attorneys walking through a settlement last week while at the Oakland Board.  Applicant’s counsel had added some unusual language. 1 The Judge read it aloud to the hearing room:

Defendants shall make payment before Christmas.

Oh, and… the Applicant was Jewish.  :)

  1. Photo courtesy of Joriel “Joz” Jimenez []

Nuff said
'Nuff said

This last weekend while attended a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Workers’ Compensation Section of the State Bar of California I referred to myself as a workers’ compensation nerd12

Some very kind, but ultimately uninformed, person assured me that I was not a nerd after all. 3 4  Let’s step back for a minute and examine the facts.  At that very moment I was:

  • Taking a few days off work to attend a meeting about workers’ compensation5
  • Inside a conference room with about twenty other workers’ compensation attorneys
  • Awake at 8:30 AM on a Friday morning pontificating about Ogilvie math
  • Sitting in front of my laptop, typing about workers’ compensation
  • Making notes in my blog about workers’ compensation

Clearly, we need to have a heart-to-heart about “substantial evidence.”

Well, last night I received an e-mail stating that they had seen this website and offered this retraction:

“I must actually withdraw my objection to your calling yourself a workers’ comp nerd.”

They must have seen my walk through posts.

  1. Can you believe someone already owns  What a perfect domain name for the workers’ compensation executive committee! []
  2. I kid because I love! []
  3. Glasses notwithstanding. []
  4. Photo courtesy of this person. []
  5. Without MCLE in sight! []

Keeping safe
Keeping safe

I ran across this website a few days ago.  It’s a website devoted to the homemade modifications firefighters make to their tools and gear to make their lives easier and fighting fires safer1  Hopefully a firefighter you know might find it useful.

Most of these modifications are simple and practical – and all are designed to help save a life. 2

  1. Photo courtesy of Thomas Hawk []
  2. Plus, I am a fan of customization. []