Favorite deposition question: Doctor who?
Favorite deposition question: Doctor who?

For those of you keeping score at home, I’ve posted my personal records for the most walk throughs at different Boards in one day (3), most bridges crossed in one day (3), most bridge tolls paid in one day ($10), most bridges crossed without paying tolls legally (2), and now… depositions of doctors.1

I probably tend to take more doctor depositions than most.  I’ve normally got about one or two on calendar each month.  However, this month has been a personal record with three depositions of doctors.2

I seriously doubt any other workers’ comp attorneys keep track of this sort of thing.

  1. Photo courtesy of BBC and TVScoop []
  2. Does this count as a professional record? []

Driving under the influence
Driving under the influence

Yesterday I was driving back from Modesto and I noticed a CHP officer out of the corner of my eye. 1  My first instinct is always to double check my speed.

However, yesterday afternoon I noticed this officer was on his cell, left elbow propped up on the edge of the window, yakking away, while tailgating a semi in the slow lane.

Not wanting to get pulled over for driving under the influence of irony, I didn’t take a picture with my phone.

BTW, I’ve got to be in San Francisco this afternoon – stop me and say hello!

  1. Photo courtesy of OregonDOT []

Free pass
Free pass

Yesterday I had an appearance in San Jose and then another up in San Rafael.  From San Jose I drove up through San Francisco, northbound over the Golden Gate Bridge, to my appearance, then back over to Contra Costa County via the Richmond Bridge.1

Wait for it…

The Golden Gate is only toll southbound and the Richmond is only toll westbound.  I traveled over two bridges and didn’t pay a single toll!

  1. Photo courtesy of worldsurfer []