Tiffany, Steve and Unknown at the DVICA Golf Classic 2008
Tiffany, Steve and Unknown at the DVICA Golf Classic 2008

I posted last week about how I learned a lot about golf at the recent DVICA golf tournament. Thankfully I remembered to bring my digital camera to commemorate the event.

A belated congratulations to Tom Biskobing, Joe Domingo, Ray Hoang, and Thomas Kim for winning the tourney with an impressive 53!

Jeff, Chris, Steve, and I managed a 65. That isn’t to say we didn’t walk away with a few souvenirs. Each one of us won a raffle prize! Jeff won a bottle of Coppala wine, Chris a magnetic white board in the shape of a surf board, and Steve got a bluetooth headset!

I received a $100 gift card to Nordstrom’s courtesy of Jeff Gary of

Jeff and Keith at the DVICA Golf Classic 2008
Jeff and Keith at the DVICA Golf Classic 2008

While I was slightly less than diligent about taking pictures at the tourney, I did get two good pics. The top photo would have included me between the two blonds except that Steve’s photography kung fu is weak. (Sorry, man, but its true!) I think he was faking just so he could get his picture taken.

Not convinced? Well, here’s his photo of me with the same girls:

Steve's Photography Kung Fu
Weak Photo Kung Fu

I was fortunate enough to play with two (very patient) experienced golfers (and Steve) on Friday August 15, 2008 at the DVICA 21st Annual Golf Classic. While my individual performance was just above terrible, I had a great time. We were playing “best ball” and had to use my shot more than once.

I learned a lot on Friday. Some things are probably common sense or common knowledge. Some I learned the hard way, other things I learned by watching someone else learn the hard way. Here’s a list of the top 10 things I learned about golf from the event:

  • 10. It helps to tie your clubs to the back of the cart.
  • 9. Inevitably, someone will quote Caddyshack.1
  • 8. Head down, knees bent, shoulders level, and always follow through.
  • 7. Shorts or slacks – NO jeans.2
  • 6. Finesse, not power, is everything.
  • 5. Never walk through another player’s line of sight.3
  • 4. Whatever you do, advance the ball.
  • 3. Bring twice as many balls and three times as much water as you think you’ll need.
  • 2. Golf is a game of honor and etiquette.4

And, the #1 most important thing I learned at the Diablo Valley Industrial Claims Association Golf Classic?

  • 1. Worst player buys the drinks. :)
  1. I prefer Happy Gilmore. Sacrilege, I know. “The price is wrong!” []
  2. Fortunately, I did not have to learn this one first hand. []
  3. Sorry Jeff! []
  4. No wonder I stink! []

I’ll be at the DVICA 21st Annual Golf Classic tomorrow!

Look for the guy wearing glasses and a Sebastiani cap. Unfortunately, unlike my fellow Indians, I can’t play golf. Its really quite shameful. (Sorry guys!) Fortunately I make up in enthusiasm what I lack in skill. :)

Hopefully I’ll remember to bring my digital camera so I can post a few shots here.

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