Best of October 2008

Obama and McCain on heathcare

Obama and McCain on heathcare

October was another pretty good month for During the month of October, the traffic for this website increased by about 25%, I added a few new calculator features, I completely changed the look of the website, and we passed the 200 registered users mark.1

In no particular order, I’m including my favorite “photoshopped” pictures from October on the right side.  The footnotes below link to the original photographers.  None of them are to blame for the photoediting. 2345

Top Posts Awards:

Obama vs McCain: Round 3

Obama vs McCain: Round 3

2008 Presidential Election Coverage:

2008 Economic Turmoil Coverage:

*PDRater up, the Dow down

PDRater up, the Dow down

I added on to my “Road Warrior Checklists”:

In case you’re interested, here’s the best of September 2008.

  1. At the time of this post, 227 registered users! []
  2. Special thanks to the kind people who use Flickr for making their photos available for use. []
  3. Photos courtesy of richardmasoner, C_Dave, and mikewade. []
  4. Photo courtesy of DaveHogg. []
  5. Photo courtesy of Daniel Martini. []

Bad Bailouts and Wooden Arrows

Quick, how are rum distillers, stockcar race track owners, wool researchers, TV and movie producers, and wooden arrows different from middle class home owners?1

Why's the rum gone?

Why's the rum gone?

Give up?  The home owners aren’t benefiting one dime from the bailout legislation!

Obviously, (almost) no one has the time to read 451 pages of this proposal – and that’s what some people are counting on.  Thankfully, someone read it and found some startling things.

I’ve taken the liberty of putting together a list of the citations to my favorites:

  • Rum distillers (p279:11-19)
  • Stock car race track owners (p290:1-9)
  • Wool research (p295:7-296:13)
  • TV and movie producers (p298:6-300:19)
  • Wooden arrows (p300:20-301:18)

Wool research???  Its warm and itchy.  What’s to research???

  1. Photo courtesy of ryaninc.  I just can’t pass up an opporutnity to quote The Pirates of the Carribean… []

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