Presidential Debate 10/7/2008, Post Mortem

Obama McCain Fight*

Obama McCain Fight

First, my advice for the candidates (you know, from my years of political experience):

  • Obama: Way way too many “uh’s”.  It makes you look unprepared.
  • McCain: Don’t wander around in the background.  At best it is disrespectful, at worst it makes you look befuddled and lost.

By any of the polling numbers, Obama went into last night’s debate so far ahead in the polls that the only way for McCain to really come back would be for Obama to commit some terrible blunder. 1 I imagine it would have taken something like this:

My impressions from the debate:

  • McCain said last night he wants to purchase all the bad loans in the United States and renegotiate them?  He’s suggesting resetting these loans to the present value of these homes.
    • First of all, where the hell was this guy before we spent $700,000,000,000.00???
    • Second, this sounds like a really tragically flawed idea.  If you buying loans high and then forgive hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt, you’re basically giving hundreds of thousands of dollars per bad loans to those banks who had poor judgment in the first place.
    • Third, if you’re going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per bad loan, why not just give them to the people who purchased the homes rather than the bank?
    • Fourth, if you’re going to buy the loans and then forgive a large chunk of them, why do you need to buy them?  Just tell the bank to adjust those loans.
  • Obama thinks the government invented computers so our defense department could communicate over long distances.  The defense project DARPA was invented that way, not computers.  I’m wondering if Obama lost the nerd vote there.
  • McCain wants to put medical records on the internet.  We can NOT put medical records online.
    • Government and business websites get hacked every day.  The last thing we need are our records posted on Craigslist.
    • As it stands, medical records enjoy a special protection in our system.  If that information is all online, it would be a simple task for our government to tap into that information.  This may sound paranoid until you recall that the NSA under the Bush administration has already done something far more invasive.
  • Tom Brokaw is a terrible, terrible moderator.  When someone is over their time, you cut them off.  Better yet, shut off their mike.  Don’t whine about it after they stop – that just invites apologies and “witty” comments.
  • McCain says he’ll double the tax exemption for each child.  Yay!  More babies!
  1. Photo courtesy of DaveHogg.  Photo editing, all me! []

Bailouts for Everyone!

Baled Hay

Baled Hay

Maybe I’m just being thick or just something here.  Someone, please, explain this to me.  Our president was adamant that home owners needed to learn a lesson about the free market and that the government would not bail them out of bad mortgages.  A few weeks ago, $700 billion in bailouts for huge companies was also unthinkable.  As of last night, our president tried to convince us that bailing out these companies is a good idea.

And, it probably is – that’s not the point.  The point is that this seems a double standard.  I realize that every major bank closing its doors overnight is not a good thing.  Millions of people losing their homes is not good either.  After all of this, I’ve got one question and one idea.

The Question:

Assuming (at the time I’m writing this) a U.S. population of 305,248,844 of which there are 138,000,000 taxpayers.  Our government is about to spend $700,000,000,000 of our money.  I figure that’s about $5,072.46 a person.  Hey, what’s the worst that could happen if we passed that money out to the taxpayers?  A complete collapse of our financial institutions overnight?  HAHAhaha … um… ha?  <crickets chirping>

The Idea:

The big problem right now isn’t so much the bad mortgages, its that people aren’t paying their mortgages.  And, people aren’t paying their mortgages because they can’t afford the increased payments due to the higher interest rates from their adjustable rate mortgages.  My idea is give everyone with an ARM the option to freeze their interest rate at their introductory rate.


  • Mortgages and property taxes get paid.
  • Lawns get mowed.
  • Banks get paid back.


  • People get to live in houses they can’t really afford.  So what?  At least they’re mowing their lawn.
  • I’ve just invented the 90 year home loan.  Again, so what?  That loan will have to be paid off before its sold – and they will sell it.
  • Banks get paid back slower than they thought.  Its better than closing your doors, amiright WaMu?

Anyhow, I guess I’ll leave the economic policy up to the professionals.  (’cause, you know, they’ve been doing a bang up job).

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