bay bridge
Bay Bridge still being repaired...

So, the Bay Bridge will NOT be open this morning.  The Bay Bridge has its own Twitter page so you can check its status (updated every few hours).1

Update @ 5:58am:  “Bay Bridge repairs are undergoing final inspections. The bridge is expected to open later today. Check back for updates and opening time.

When I had to drive to Palo Alto last Thursday I completely avoided all the bridges because traffic was such a mess.  It took me longer, but at least it took me longer in a predictable fashion.

  1. Photo courtesy of Telstar Logistics []

Bridge #2
Bridge #2

Last Wednesday I set another personal record.  The last one I mentioned was doing two walk throughs at two different WCAB district offices in the same morning.

Wednesday I had to be in Novato, San Francisco, and then back at my office in Pleasant Hill.  As a result, I traveled over three bridges in the same morning – San Rafael, Golden Gate, and Bay Bridges.

I guess paying $10.00 in bridge tolls in one day is also a record…1  I was all out of singles so the CHP officer at the Golden Gate Bridge gave me the stink-eye when I paid with a $100.00 bill.

Seriously, that guy was NOT happy.  The officers at the Oakland Board are a lot friendlier.

  1. Photo courtesy of Darwin Bell []