Howie Mandell trying to look hard.
Howie Mandell trying to look hard.

Javascript appears all over the internet. You can be pretty sure that your favorite websites use a LOT of javascript. You see it every time a website creates a pop-up advertisement, sends you an alert, lets you bookmark their page, or interacts with you in some way.

I’ve written some pretty cool (in my nerdy opinion) things in javascript:

  • A blackjack strategy simulator. You tell the program how many decks, when you want to hit, stand, double down depending on the deck count, and it will run through a given number of hands – telling you how much your strategy has won/lost overall.
  • A “Deal or No Deal” odds simulator. The program calculated the average of the remaining unopened suitcases – to compare against the Banker’s offer. It made rudimentary guesses about how much the Banker would offer. There has been some incredible and complex analysis of how these offers are created.
  • A billing program. It had separate timers for different tasks, tallied time, expenses, ability to save reports, and create invoices for different clients.
  • A simple program for tallying points for gin rummy.
  • Several small programs for solving various internet website puzzles.
  • Several small tools which allow me to write other programs or web pages more efficiently.

I’ve written innumerable other mini-programs which either had a very limited or one-time use or which I never developed into an actual program. One example was a program that would help me quickly search muliple ebay auctions and compare the various prices. Another was a Sudoku puzzle solver which I never completed.