Indy 500
Indy 500

Wow!  500 registered users!

Last month I mentioned that this website had a record number of new visitors.  I honestly thought that was an anomalous one day spike in traffic.  Instead we’ve had a sustained increase in new visitors and people signing up to use the workers’ compensation calculators for free.

Since February 13, 20091 I’ve enjoyed posting about:

Ever since I relaunched this website I’ve had this idea in the back of my mind that getting to 500 users would be a big deal.  There are literally hundreds of workers’ compensation professionals who rely on this website and its calculators to make their lives a little easier.  This certainly feels like a big deal to me.

  1. When the 400th user registered. []
  2. I am keeping this calculator in beta testing until I get a little more feedback.  If you want to try it out, just drop me a line! []

Glasses, online
Glasses, online!

Is pupillary distance is important?

Does pupillary distance matter?

Yes! Pupillary distance is the distance, in millimeters, between the center of your eyes.  When your eyeglass professional is building your glasses, they will need to make sure the “sweet spot” for each lens is directly in front of each eye.  They do this using your pupillary distance.

Its possible to have a different pupillary distance for each eye if your eyes are not the same exact distance from the center of your face.  Don’t feel bad – your mom still loves you!

When you go into a brick and mortar eyeglass store, they measure your pupillary distance for you.  If you’re buying glasses online, you can either measure your pupillary distance yourself or you can ask your eye doctor to measure it for you.  If you’re buying glasses online, don’t cheap out – get your eye doctor to measure your pupillary distance for you.  You can do it yourself – but why leave something this important up to chance?  If you insist on doing it yourself, you just need a mirror and a metric ruler and measure the distance between the center of your two pupils.

Now that I’ve answered the burning question about pupillary distance:

Glasses, online
Glasses, online!

Last week I posted a review1 My review was favorable despite having received glasses that didn’t really work for me.  It just so happens, according to my eye doctor, that some people are more sensitive to the “Base Curvature.”  I happen to be one of those people and there’s no way either I or Goggles4U could have known that.  The bottom line is that I received glasses with the exact prescription I specified- you can’t ask more than that.

After trying out this pair of glasses for a week I notified Goggles4U customer service that I was too sensitive to the “Base Curvature.”  They responded immediately and gave me a code to order a new pair.  I placed the order on 2/27/2009, sent them an e-mail specifying a comfortable range for the Base Curvature.  The new glasses arrived on 3/7/2009.

These new glasses, with transition/polychromatic lenses, are great. I haven’t had any problems with them at all.  I will still take them back to my eye doctor to confirm, because I think any review would be incomplete without an independent confirmation from a medical professional.

In end sum, I would recommend Goggles4U without reservation.  Check out my prior review (now updated!) for the complete review and a Goggles4U coupon.

  1. Photo courtesy of Morningstar Lee []

Remember: Not all fortunes are fortunate!
Remember: Not all fortunes are fortunate!

I got Chinese take-out on Saturday night. I know I had promised a review of online glasses retailers, but I just had to share this with you.  Tune in tomorrow for the review and the day after for the review.  My fortune cookie had three fortunes in it! 1 I typically consider this lucky.  Saturday… not so much.

Fortune: Your magnetic personality will draw people to you this month

Saturday night was February 28th, as in the end of the month.  I didn’t notice anyone drawn to me. 2

Fortune: Your financial situation will soon be improving

Soon is relative, so I guess this could still come true.

Fortune: Sonn a visitor shall delight you

This one undoubtedly came true.  In the wee hours of Sunday morning an unexpected visitor presented themselves.  My typically delightful moo shu paid me a visit in the form of food poisoning.

Anyone interested in some Chinese take-out leftovers?

  1. Original photo courtesy of TheTruthAbout.  Photo editing – all me! []
  2. You know – any more than usual. []

1955 Packard 400
1955 Packard 400

February has been a wacky month.  And, on Friday February 13th the 400th user registered for this website. 1 Since the 300th registered user, quite a lot has happened:

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  2. Trust me, its easier than it sounds… []
  3. I have several more of these planned []