Congratulations to President Barak Obama

I never thought I would see in my lifetime any of the following people nominated for president:

  • An African-American
  • A child of a non-American
  • Someone with a non-traditional first or last name
  • Someone with the middle name Hussein

I am never prouder as a citizen when I am voting.  And last night at 8:30pm, I have never been prouder of America.

Congratulations to Barak Obama and Joe Biden.  I do not envy you gentlemen – you’ve got a lot of hard work ahead of you.


Debates Post Mortem – Advice for the Candidates

McCain & Palin

McCain & Palin

Obama & Biden

Obama & Biden

I love watching political debates with a DVR.  There’s nothing like being able to pause the debate so the candidates can benefit from my sage advice or criticism developed over my many years of political, economic, and foreign policy experience.

That said, I have the following debate advice for the candidates:

  • Barak Obama
    • Stay focused and be concise.
  • John McCain
    • Keep your arguments and comments accurate.
  • Joe Biden
    • Eye contact with the camera.
  • Sarah Palin
    • Never, EVER wink at the camera again if you want to be taken seriously.
    • Not answering the question doesn’t make you a maverick, it makes you look uninformed.

Overall, the presidential debate of 9/26 was a dead heat.  I don’t think either side won ground that day.  It was one of the best presidential debates I have ever seen.  Frankly, both McCain and Obama did a great job.  The last time I enjoyed a debate as much was Clinton v G.H. Bush.

Historically, the vice presidential debate is hardly ever a deal maker or breaker – and its just as well for both parties.  When speaking in interviews off the cuff, Biden can make ridiculous and wildly historically inaccurate claims.  On the other hand, the Palin – Couric interviews made it clear that Palin can’t speak off script.

I can’t wait for the next debate tomorrow night!

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