New Legislation and Calculator Updates!

The Great Seal of California

The Great Seal of California

As you are probably aware there have been a number of changes to workers’ compensation benefit rates lately.  The Administrative Director issued the latest temporary disability maximum and minimum rates based upon the most recent increases in the state average weekly wage.  These rate changes effect temporary total disability, temporary partial disability, death benefits, and permanent total disability benefits.

More interestingly, the legislature brought several reform changes with SB 863 to California workers’ compensation benefits late on Friday August 31, 2012.  If you check out the updated Labor Code Section 4453, you’ll notice there is a new maximum permanent partial disability rate for the highest levels of permanent disability for dates of injury after 1/1/2013.  And, reviewing Labor Code Section 4658, you’ll see the 15% adjustments have been removed for dates of injury after 1/1/2013.

All of the website’s calculators have been updated to reflect these latest changes!  Enjoy!

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Bad Bailouts and Wooden Arrows

Quick, how are rum distillers, stockcar race track owners, wool researchers, TV and movie producers, and wooden arrows different from middle class home owners?1

Why's the rum gone?

Why's the rum gone?

Give up?  The home owners aren’t benefiting one dime from the bailout legislation!

Obviously, (almost) no one has the time to read 451 pages of this proposal – and that’s what some people are counting on.  Thankfully, someone read it and found some startling things.

I’ve taken the liberty of putting together a list of the citations to my favorites:

  • Rum distillers (p279:11-19)
  • Stock car race track owners (p290:1-9)
  • Wool research (p295:7-296:13)
  • TV and movie producers (p298:6-300:19)
  • Wooden arrows (p300:20-301:18)

Wool research???  Its warm and itchy.  What’s to research???

  1. Photo courtesy of ryaninc.  I just can’t pass up an opporutnity to quote The Pirates of the Carribean… []

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