TWO New Calculators!



As you may already know, the WCAB’s EAMS sub-webpage allows you to search for the new ADJ numbers or the official address for a claims administrator or representative.



Using the same data, I’ve written my own search engines that, to be blunt, work better.  You can find these two new search engines on the calculators page.  They are named “WCAB ←→ ADJ” and “EAMS Registered Offices”.

Later this week I’ll post about “why” and “how” I’ve developed these two new “calculators.” For now, I’ll just talk about why you’re going to want to join this site (for free!) and bookmark the calculators page.

  1. User Friendly. Search engines shouldn’t need pages of documentation.  One search box is all you really need.
  2. Easier. My search engines aren’t picky.  Enter “OAK0123456, OAK 0123456, OAK123456, OAK 000123456” and you’ll get “ADJ522195, ADJ522195, ADJ522195, ADJ522195.”  The EAMS page requires you enter the WCAB or ADJ number with no spaces and exactly 10 characters.
  3. More powerful. Search the Claims Administrators’ Offices and Representatives’ Offices database or unlimited ADJ and WCAB numbers simultaneously.
  4. Faster searches. You can search for 50 WCAB and ADJ numbers on my site in the time it takes you to search for one at the EAMS page.
  5. Better results. Although I use the same information as the WCAB search engines, I’ve designed my calculators to apply your search query to more of the information.  The result is better search hits.
  6. One page to rule them all. Both new search engines are built into the same page as the rest of my calculators.  No need to poke around the WCAB-EAMS website.  Bookmark one page and have all of the latest EAMS information right at your fingertips.

Comments, questions, criticsms always appreciated.


Top five features that make your life easier

I am constantly trying to think of ways in which to improve this website and to make it a better resource for California Workers’ Compensation professionals.  If you’ve got an idea as to how I can improve this site, drop me a line and let me know.

  1. Links to online Medical Provider Network lists of physicians for a lot of different carriers
    • Click on “Medical Provider Network Links”
  2. The ability to search for occupational codes by the occupational title or to search for an occupational title by occupational code
    • Click on “Rating Calculator” and then “Occupation”
  3. Links to free searchable versions of the California Labor Code and California Code of Regulations
    • Click on “Workers’ Compensation Resource Links”
  4. Links to the State of California search pages for medical doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths, podiatrists, accupuncturists, optomotrists, psychologists, and dentists
    • Click on “Physician Search Links”
  5. Downloads for numerous Permanent Disability Rating Schedules1988, 1997, 2005, and the draft for 2009
  6. Combined Values Chart / Multiple Disabilities Table calculators
    • Click on “Rating Calculator” and then “CVC” or “MDT”
  7. A list of Commonly Used Terms in California Workers’ Compensation law

What’s that?  I only promised the top five features?  Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of the first rule of business:  Under promise and over deliver.

Happy Friday!


15 day comment period for proposed EAMS regulations posted a great update on the proposed EAMS regulations. The Board website shows the new proposed regulations and forms. The comment period closes on August 21, 2008. You can download all of the EAMS Proposed Regulations at once here.

There are new forms for:

  • Compromise and Releases
  • Stipulations with Request for Award
  • Minutes of Hearing
  • Declaration of Readiness to Proceed
  • Disability Evaluation Unit (DEU) forms and regulations
  • Retraining and Return to Work (RRTW) forms and regulations

Those wishing to comment can send their thoughts as follows:

There’s a physical mail address as well – but with EAMS around the corner, shouldn’t you get used to e-mail?


A PhD in Horribleness

Dr. Horrible

Dr. Horrible

This post has nothing to do with workers’ compensation whatsoever. So, you know, you might enjoy it. ;)

Long story short: Joss Wheedon, the guy who brought us Serenity, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movie), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the T.V. show), decided to put together a short internet movie during the writer’s strike. The result is Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog – a kind of three act musical comic book.

Starring Neil Patrick Harris of Doogie Howser M.D. fame. Seriously.

Why, oh why, have I posted about this? I watched the videos when they were released for free for a limited time – but only just before they they expired. They have just been posted again for free on the Dr. Horrible website.

These damned songs have been stuck in my head ever since I watched it. My nominations:

  • Best song: “Brand New Day”
  • Best quote not from a song: “Dude. You’re NOT my nemesis.”
  • Best line from a song: “That’s the plan. Rule the world. You and me. Any day. <wink>”

Links Updated

After watching a friend try to navigate the original link system, I’ve updated the links section. (Sorry, Steve!) These are the links I’ve found helpful. Links to WCAB/DEU forms, the Labor Code, the Board Rules, insurance and workers’ compensation blogs and news websites, links to every MPN I could find, and a whole lot more.

Links sections:

  • Workers’ Compensation Resource Links
  • Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board
  • Workers’ Compensation & Insurance News
  • Workers’ Compensation Blog
  • Workers’ Compensation Associations
  • Medical Provider Network Links
  • Physician Search Links
  • Attorney Search Links

Do you have a website related to workers’ compensation? How about a link you think other people might find useful? Post a comment and let me know.

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