100th Post!

This baby monkey has nothing to do with workers' compensation at all.

This baby monkey has nothing to do with workers compensation at all

This website was recently re-launched on July 6, 2008 in a “blog” style format using WordPress to power everything except the calculators.1

On July 23, 2008 this website was all of one year old.  That day I made a goal of posting something2 every single weekday.3  Today is the 100th post on this site and I can’t help feeling somewhat accomplished.4

As any website regular can tell, I’m constantly tinkering with this site.  I fully understand constant change might be somewhat disorienting.  On the other hand, I’m making these changes in an effort to improve the appearance and usability of the website.

Most recently, I moved the Medical Provider Network and Links sub-pages to be their own5 menu options.  These pages seem to be things people use a lot and really deserve their own spot at the top.  Then again, I don’t want the top menu to be too cluttered.  There’s really no one great solution to this dilemma.

Other changes I’m considering:

  1. Moving the EAMS and WCAB search functions to their own page.  Some users6 use these functions exclusively and probably don’t appreciate the dozen or so other calculators.
  2. Combining the Blog and Articles pages.  I haven’t done this so far because I doubt people want to sift through my technobabble to learn something about workers’ compensation.

While I have you here:

Drop me a line and let me know.

  1. Photo courtesy of nycgeo. []
  2. Admittedly, sometimes nonsense. []
  3. Even on holiday-weekdays. []
  4. I’m not exactly ready for NaNoWriMo, but you need to walk before you can run. []
  5. Top level []
  6. I suspect mostly non-attorneys. []

NaNoWriMo is around the corner!

National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month

Some days I have a ton of ideas and will put together two or three posts.  Other days I’m far less prolific.  I’d say on average I put together one post a day and jot down two other ideas.  Forcing myself to write a little bit every day is probably good training for NaNoWriMo.

That nigh unpronounceable word is short for National Novel Writing Month.1 This free website connects people across the United States World2 with the goal of having every participant write a 50,000 word (about 175 pages) novel from November 1 through midnight on November 30.  While you don’t need their website to do this, it acts kind of like a support group for those participating.  Not everyone finishes, but as their website says, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?”3

This is something I’d love to do, but I really doubt I’m going to have the time any time soon.  Apparently, the secret is to write like crazy, leaving all the editing for later.  After all, its NaNoWriMo not NaNoEditMo.   :)

  1. I suppose it really is pronounceable.  “Nah-No-Rye-Moe” []
  2. Via the Internets, of course. []
  3. They say so here. []

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