Driving while talking

Driving under the influence

Driving under the influence

Yesterday I was driving back from Modesto and I noticed a CHP officer out of the corner of my eye. 1  My first instinct is always to double check my speed.

However, yesterday afternoon I noticed this officer was on his cell, left elbow propped up on the edge of the window, yakking away, while tailgating a semi in the slow lane.

Not wanting to get pulled over for driving under the influence of irony, I didn’t take a picture with my phone.

BTW, I’ve got to be in San Francisco this afternoon – stop me and say hello!

  1. Photo courtesy of OregonDOT []

Adventures of a Road Warrior

...and she was reading this!

...and she was reading this!

Yesterday morning I was driving to the San Jose Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board along 680 in the midst of some pretty gnarly traffic.  A woman followed me in her black Infiniti from roughly Danville to Dublin, tailgating.1

She was following me so closely, I could literally read her lips as she was chanting, “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.”

I kid you not.

  1. Photo courtesy of BillyPalooza []

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