Suds & Sushi
Suds & Sushi

I just spent the last several days up in Yosemite. 1  Driving back home I saw the BEST sign.  It was so good I immediately pulled off the road to take this picture.

I have a hard time understanding how a sushi place in Oakhurst could possibly have fresh fish. 23  That they’re sandwiched between a laundromat and the front office for a construction company makes me even more wary.

One person in my car got sick after just driving past this place. 4

  1. The Tenaya Lodge in Fish Camp, actually.  Its about 3 miles south of the South Entrance to Yosemite []
  2. The sushi place has very mixed reviews. []
  3. Interestingly, none of the reviewers asks the critical question, “Where the hell are they getting their fish???” []
  4. I’m not kidding, they really did barf. []