Road Warrior Checklist – The Backpack

Road Warrior Backpack

Road Warrior Backpack

In earlier posts I gave my “road warrior checklist for the car” and my “road warrior checklist for the techie.”

My backpack is my lifeline when I’m out and about.  Some prefer a laptop case, rolling briefcase/suitcase, suitcase, or purse.  I find that a backpack with a laptop section works best for me.  I can carry a medium file, laptop, and the essentials.

Here’s my road warrior checklist for my backpack:

  • Front flap
    • Notepad
    • Pens
      • 2 blue gel, 1 black pen, 1 red gel pen, 1 permanent ink marker, 1 highlighter
    • Business cards, business card case
    • Eyeglass cloth
  • Front pocket
    • Medication – allergy pills, etc.
    • Granola bar
    • Sticky notes
    • Portable phone charger
    • Breath mints
    • Batteries
  • Side pocket
    • Napkins
  • Main pocket
    • Laptop

What do you take with you?


Road Warrior Checklist – Techie

Nerdy Road Warrior

Nerdy Road Warrior

In an earlier post I gave my “my road warrior checklist for the car.”  Within the last year I occasionally worked as computer tech support and/or mobile techie.

Sometimes I was on location fixing a problem, writing a database program, or doing a small bit of programming on a friend’s larger program.  I enjoyed being a techie, but wouldn’t want to do it for a living.

When I’m a road warrior techie, here’s what I carry with me:

  • Laptop backpack
  • Laptop, extra battery, power cord
  • Portable hard drive, 120 GB (Actually a laptop hard drive in an enclosure)
  • Flash drives (4G, 128meg)
  • CDRW – rewriteable CD’s
  • DVD-RW – rewriteable DVD’s
  • USB hub, 3 ports
  • USB cable, A to B
  • USB cable, A to mini
  • Ethernet cable, 6′
  • Phone cord, 6′

If I had to keep a techi backpack stocked, here’s what else I’d put in it:

  • Zip ties, twist ties, and/or velcro ties
  • Labels
  • Small screwdriver set

What do you take with you?

Update: A (techie) friend suggested the following additions, trunk space permitting:

  • Ethernet cable, wire crimpers
  • Ethernet hub
  • Installation CD’s

Google Chrome compatible with Workers’ Compensation Calculators

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google jumped head fist into the browser war last week.

The big players at the moment are Internet Explorer, Firefox/Mozilla, Opera, and Safari (Mac).  From Google’s information about Chrome, it looks like it was designed based on Apple’s popular Webkit and Mozilla’s very popular Firefox.  An added benefit is that this new browser is open source.  Google’s online comic about Chrome and their new vision of how a web browser should look and behave is actually fairly interesting.

The other bit of good news is that I’ve downloaded and installed the beta version of Google’s Chrome in order to see whether it is compatible with this website and its web apps.

Good news!  Chrome works flawlessly with my workers’ compensation calculators!  So, feel free to use your choice of web broswer to calculate permanent disability percentages, temporary disability rates, life pension rates, and nearly every other kind of benefit available under California workers’ compensation law.


The End of the World: Moving On

Spitzer - The Morning After

Spitzer - The Morning After

Okay, I’ve got good news and bad news.

Good news: The CERN LHC was fired up yesterday and the world didn’t end!

Bad news: If you followed any of my suggestions from the past few days, you might need some pointers on what to do now.1

  1. Give up smoking and drugs.
  2. You’ll need a new will and gym membership.
  3. You kept receipts, right?
  4. You’ll probably need to go back to renting an apartment.
  5. Work on your resume.  There’s no way your boss is taking you back.
  6. Get a good lawyer to deal with the DUI, solicitation, and federal wildlife protection charges.
  7. Face facts, you’re probably uninsurable now.
  8. Two words: credit counseling.
  9. Consider switching to a religion that offers absolution or papal indulgences.
  10. STD tests for everyone!

Something most of those CERN / LHC lawsuits forgot to mention is that even though the Large Hadron Collider was fired up yesterday, it won’t warm up to smash things together for a few weeks.  So, we’re not totally out of the woods yet…

(Too bleak for a Thursday?)

  1. End of the World Survival Guide, The End of the World: A To Do List. []

Another WordPress Update

Wordpress Upgrade

Wordpress Upgrade

Last night I upgraded from WordPress v2.6.1 to WordPress v2.6.2.  You’ve heard me extoll the virtues of WordPressFree, open source, easy to modify and customize, highly secure and… updated (infuriatingly) often.

If you see any weirdness, please let me know so I can take a look at the issue.

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