Dell Customer Service!!!

Dell Customer Service!!!

Dell’s customer service has been my single greatest customer service experience with any product, ever.

Let me break it down for you:

Here’s Lionel’s e-mail to me from just after midnight this morning:

“Jay:Lionel Menchaca, Chief Dell Blogger

That’s great news. I’m really glad to see it all worked out smoothly. I appreciate you being a loyal Dell customer. Feel free to tell any other Dell customers how to contact me directly if they need some assistance.

It’s customer’s like you that make this the best job I’ve ever had.


Lionel Menchaca

Chief Blogger, Dell Inc.



phone: 512.728.8685″

If you’ve got an issue with your Dell, get a hold of Lionel directly.  He’s an incredible guy working for an incredible company.  Lionel and Dell took care of me.  This Dell XPS m1210 is my third Dell laptop, and my next computer will absolutely be a Dell too.

  1. It died within 1 year after my warranty expired, but by the time I talked to Dell it was more than a year out of warranty. []
  2. It was a very simple and short e-mail, so it took me forever to write. []
  3. The only way to fix a bad integrated graphics card. []
  4. Rock on completely, with some brand new components!” – CAKE []

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2 Comments on “Dell Customer Service!!!

  1. I wish Dell would take care of me/my daughter like he did you. Bought a Studio 15, have had the motherboard replaced twice, then the whole PC, still problems with it (it’s inherent to this model).
    16 Days into owning the PC, my daughter said she wanted a refund, but Dell said “no no no, let us send you a new PC”, and when she reluctantly agreed, she got one not the same color as hers, with the same problem. Now that she wants her money back (to buy a different Dell model) they say “sorry, you’re over the 21 days”. We both feel they did that on purpose and feel incredibly used with a PC that doesn’t work correctly.

  2. Hi David,
    E-mail Lionel and explain your daughter’s situation. As for the Dell Studio 15, a friend of mine has that exact model and it has been serving her well. (I’d know – I’m her tech support). Please be sure and leave another comment here letting me know how it works out.
    Thanks for reading,

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