How to Order Glasses Online in 5 Easy Steps

Glasses, online
Glasses, online!

No matter which website you order glasses from online, I would suggest the following five steps: 1

  1. Get your prescription. When getting your eye prescription, being sure to have your physician provide your “Pupillary Distance.” 2  I’ve put together a chart at the bottom you can take with you to the doctor’s office.
  2. Measure your glasses. Measure your current glasses using a metric ruler.  The most important measurement is going to be “Temple Width.”  The “Temple Width” is the overall front width of your glasses.
  3. Choose frames. On the website of your choice, narrow down the available glasses by the “Temple Width.”  From there you can narrow down the available choices.
  4. Wait. Both of the websites I ordered glasses from took about two weeks to get the glasses to me.
  5. Double check. Take your new glasses back to your eye doctor.  They will have a machine that can check the prescriptions on the lenses.








O.D. (Right)
O.S. (Left)
Pupillary Distance


Temple Width


Coupon Codes:

  • I tried and used the coupon code “glassyeyes” for 10% off.
  • I also tried and used the coupon code “glassyeyes” for 5% off. (I have no idea why they both use the same coupon code…)

Yesterday I had my doctor’s test out all four pairs of my glasses.  Tune in next time for the reviews of and!

  1. Photo courtesy of Morningstar Lee []
  2. The “Pupilary Distance” is the distance between your two pupils, measured in millimeters. []

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